Know this:you are already h(om)e.

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So often in life we look for the answers outside of ourselves. The truth is, everything we need — all that we are — can only be found within.

The practice of mindful living invites us let go of the beliefs that make us feel lost — that prompt us to search for what we can’t see within ourselves. Through this practice we come to know ourselves and a simple truth is revealed: all roads lead h(om)e.

Here at H(OM)E you’ll find ideas, tools, and inspiration designed to help you find more presence, connection, and meaning in your life. We’ll explore the art of mindful living through the mediums of yoga, food, style, and life. So sit back, relax, and make yourself at h(om)e.

Meet Chrissy

I’m a homebody at heart. I would happily spend every day puttering around my apartment drinking coffee and spending time with my beloved, Billy, and our golden retriever, Ellie. I love to cook. I can’t think of anything better (other than coffee) than spending all day in the kitchen cooking a meal for my family and friends. I love great style. There’s something magical about how a killer pair of heels, a beautifully tailored jacket, and a great lipstick can make me feel more like myself. I’m a devoted student of yoga and mindfulness. My practice has changed my life in infinite ways — most of all, it has helped me feel more at h(om)e with myself.

Teaching is my life’s calling. I left the fast-paced, high-intensity world of Wall Street to pursue my passion for yoga, and have now been teaching for over fourteen years. As a yoga educator, I’ve led over thirty-five 200hr and 300hr teacher trainings at YogaWorks. I’m skilled at demystifying complex concepts and making yoga feel accessible to beginners and teachers alike. While I love practicing and teaching asana — the mechanics, the anatomy, and the poetry of mindful movement — I’m ultimately interested in the process of yoga and how it reveals a deeper understanding of who we are.

My teaching style is an extension of my personal practice — passionate, deliberate, sincere, and light-hearted.

My main teachers are Rodney Yee and Genny Kapuler, both masters and poets of the body. Carrie Owerko has been a huge source of inspiration in my teaching, and Mark Whitwell has deeply inspired my life practice. I believe that teachers come in all shapes and sizes. My life, my relationships, and my students are my biggest teachers. I am personally invested in my students and I bring all of myself to each and every class I teach. My success as a teacher lies in the core of my teaching philosophy, which is to empower my students to find the teacher within.

You can practice with me in New York City at YogaWorks and Yoga Shanti where I lead weekly public classes. I offer monthly meditation classes at MNDFL as well as a collection of guided meditations on Meditation Studio App. You can practice with me at home with  my Gaiam DVDs. I’d love to meet you at one of my workshops, retreats, or continuing education programs, so come out and say hi!

And of course, I’m always here at H(OM)E sharing my love for the art of mindful living.

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