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05-61008_CC_YogaBellyButtsThighs_A My latest Gaiam DVD, Yoga for Belly, Butt and Thighs, is inspired by my personal practice. The abdominals, gluteals, and thighs have always been my blind spots. This program shares the tools that helped me wake up my inner stability, both on and off the mat. There are four practices on this DVD, each targeting a specific area of the body while also integrating the work from the other sequences. The work is accessible, strong, and immediately applicable to your practice. The results go beyond the physical: a connection to your inner support will help you stay anchored when life pulls you away from center. My intention is to encourage self-inquiry, focused attention, and purposeful action. And because the path can be challenging and at times unclear, I’ve given you the kind of encouragement I’ve learned to give myself: patience, compassion, and a healthy dose of humor. DVDcoverBeginning Yoga is an award-winning DVD dedicated to the beginner in all of us. Yoga asks us to see our practice, our life, and ourself with a beginner’s mind—to be open to experiencing the familiar with fresh eyes. As we evolve and mature, the goal is to maintain the curiosity and wonder we so easily accessed at the beginning of our journey. This program is geared for those new to yoga, as well as for more experienced students who’re interested in deepening their practice by revisiting the basics. Each sequence is accessible yet challenging. The DVD offers you two versions of the sequences, giving you the choice between more or less instruction. My goal is to offer clear alignment in order to help you build a stable foundation for a lifetime of practice. This DVD is the perfect launching pad for your journey into yoga.

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