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It’s incredibly inspiring to see someone try something for the very first time. As we become more experienced in anything, it’s easy to forget what it was like to be brand new—to not have any frame of reference for learning. A beginner sees everything with fresh eyes. There are no expectations, no benchmarks, and no ego. As we become more experienced practitioners, the goal is to keep a beginners’ mind—to approach yoga as if for the very first time. For many advanced students, this is the most challenging part of the practice.

I wanted to make this DVD because I felt there was a need for clear, accessible instruction that would not only allow a beginner to understand what they’re practicing, but would also give them a smart, solid foundation that could support a lifelong practice. In this DVD, I broke down some of the fundamental postures of yoga to reveal their essential components. I wove these components throughout the entire sequence, giving beginners an opportunity to practice each action in different shapes and in different relationships with gravity. The practices are simple but challenging. The sequences in this video are pulled straight from my beginner classes in New York City. My students were the first to tell me that the DVD felt “just like class, but in front of an infinity pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean.”

To be a beginner is a gift. To teach a beginner is a privilege. I’m so honored to share this DVD with anyone who wants to explore yoga with a beginners’ mind. You can purchase Beginning Yoga on Amazon, Gaiam, Barnes&Noble, and Walmart.


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