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BYS Yoga

Saturday, April 2nd – Sunday, April 3rd

BYS Yoga
Pittsburgh, PA

$40 (early bird) / $45 single / $108 full weekend
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Saturday, April 2nd
10am – 12:30pm
Light As A Feather: Breaking Down Arm Balances
Arm balances are all about integration. Like a bird, we must become light and aerodynamic in order to take off and fly. In this workshop we will look at the alignment, components, and mechanics of arm balancing. We’ll apply targeted core stability exercises to jumping, floating, and balance. You will learn how to practice the essence of these postures regardless of where you are on the path. This workshop is open to anyone curious about how to practice arm balances in a clear, accessible way!

Make Yourself At H(om)e: Everyday Yoga Philosophy
Yoga philosophy is an accessible guide to living a wholehearted life. In this workshop we’ll dig into one of the main philosophical texts of yoga: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. We’ll take an in-depth look at some of the tools, ideas, and practices that can help you connect to yourself and your life everyday. This workshop is open to all levels; no prior yoga philosophy knowledge is necessary. Experienced students will learn new ways of thinking about the Sutras. It’s not necessary to bring a copy of the Yoga Sutras, although please feel free to bring your favorite translation if you’d like!

Sunday, April 3rd
All Hail The Queen: Fundamentals, Alignment, and Anatomy of Shoulderstand

Shoulderstand is a powerful but intimidating posture. It’s important to deconstruct a pose like Shoulderstand in order to learn how to practice the pose safely and intelligently, as well as to understand how to adapt the pose for you and your unique body. In this workshop you will learn the structure, alignment, and anatomy of Shoulderstand. We will dissect the puzzle pieces through a thoughtful, intuitive practice. You will learn many prop variations to help you find the best relationship with the pose.

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