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Elevate Yoga

Sunday, February 7th 

Elevate Yoga
Hazlet, NJ

$50 early bird / $60
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The Fundamentals of Chaturanga
Let’s be honest: Chaturanga is a challenging pose, and even though we may love to practice it repeatedly in class, we know our alignment is not always on the up and up. Since chaturanga is typically practiced on the breath as part of a vinyasa, it can be difficult to cultivate an awareness or understanding of what we’re doing because we’re already on to the next thing. Unclear, unorganized, and unconscious chaturangas can wreak havoc on our joints and set us up for injury. Period. When we practice chaturangas again and again without integrity, we are only deepening the grooves of bad habit.

Clear, organized, and conscious chaturangas not only help to refine our attention, but they also prepare us for other challenging postures like inversions and arm balances. This workshop is perfect for those who’ve always wanted to figure out the alignment of chaturanga or understand how to cultivate the strength necessary to support that alignment. Beginners will leave feeling like they’re on the path towards chaturanga, while experienced students and teachers will learn how to clean up bad habits, taking their practice to a deeper level.

All levels are welcome.

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