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Prema Yoga

Sunday, November 15th

Prema Yoga
Brooklyn, NY
2pm – 4pm

$40 advanced / $45 day of
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Anatomy of Practice: Stable Spacious Hips
In the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali defines asana as a stable, spacious seat. The practice of yoga helps us to identify the patterns that prevent us from abiding in the present moment with steadiness and ease. Asana offers an accessible doorway into the deeper patterns that keep us bound to our suffering by working first with our gross, physical body. It’s here where we can observe musculoskeletal patterns of weakness and tension, but also the subsequent patterns of compensation in our practice.

Ironically, the repetitive nature of asana can actually make it difficult to challenge the status quo. Simply by repeating what we always do, we may unknowingly perpetuate the exact patterns we’re trying to unravel. In this workshop we’ll investigate the hip joints within the context of asana, exploring the tendency to sink into hyper-flexibility or collapse into weakness. You will learn exercises to strengthen the hip stabilizers and learn how to apply this work to your asana practice. We’ll also explore mobility and space in the hip joints through partner work, prop variations and a carefully curated sequence. You will leave feeling integrated and open, with tools you can immediately apply to your personal practice.

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