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Satsang Yoga

Sunday, April 12th

Satsang Yoga
Westfield, NJ
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Refine Your Flow
In the Bhagavad Gita, yoga is defined as “skill in action”. Skillful action can be cultivated on the mat by connecting to the motivation behind our practice. What is the origin of our actions? Why do we do what we do? Does our approach reflect our greater purpose, in asana and in life?

There’s no better place to explore our actions than in repetitive movement. Sun Salutations provide us with a very clear opportunity to examine the why behind the what. Join senior teacher and teacher trainer Chrissy Carter to explore alignment principles that will strengthen your flow and refine your body awareness. You will learn to identify the origin of action for each transition within Sun Salutations, as well as exercises to wake up the body and stay present when it may feel tempting to practice on autopilot. This workshop will help you cultivate an appreciation for mindful movement and a better understanding of how to practice skill in action on your mat and in your life.

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