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Studio DC

Saturday, March 19th – Sunday, March 20th

Studio DC
Washington, DC

$55 (early bird) / $65 single / $150 full weekend
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Asana Immersion: Stability and Space
Saturday, March 19th
Make Space: A Journey into Backbends
Backbends are not supposed to hurt. Learn how to create space in your spine using principles of alignment and anatomy. We’ll explore the common physical and mental obstacles of backbends and learn how to approach these postures with ease and skill. Learn how backbends can help cultivate physical, mental and emotional space both on and off your mat.


When life pulls the rug out from under us, it can turn our entire world upside-down. Inversions give us an opportunity to practice seeing our reality from a different perspective. In this workshop we’ll explore and construct the solid foundation necessary to support a view of life from upside-down. If you’re new to inversions, you will learn preparatory postures and exercises that will help you cultivate the strength and understanding you need to practice these challenging postures. If you’re an experienced practitioner, you will learn new ways of approaching inversions both at the wall and in the center of the room.

Sunday, March 20th
Twist and Let Go
Twisting is an important practice during times of transition, when you’re living in the spaces “in between.” Twists can help us let go of old ways of thinking that might block us from experiencing something new. They can also help us let go of expectations of where we’re headed or fear of what might happen in the future. In this workshop we’ll explore the mechanics of twisting in standing, seated, and inverted postures. Modifications and variations will be offered so that you can practice exactly where you are.

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