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Mindful Marketing17 Oct 2018

What if marketing didn’t have to feel like a chore? What if instead of feeling awkward, uncomfortable, and overwhelming, marketing actually became an opportunity for self-study? Here’s the thing: Sharing who you are, what you teach, and why you teach it forces you to get very clear about who you are, what you teach, and why you teach it! Effectively translating the unique experience you create in your classes into a cohesive marketing strategy will foster a deeper connection with your students, grow your online community, and share your message with a larger audience.

In this 6-hr training, you’ll learn how to:

– Clarify your message and your audience.
– Translate your message into a visual experience.
– Reframe your relationship with social media.
– Style and edit your own photos.
– Style and produce photo shoots.
– Refine your marketing skills using Instagram.
– Hire and work with photographers and designers.
– Design a marketing strategy that aligns with the experience you offer in your classes.
– Create a content calendar.
– Grow a genuine, engaged community.

Putting ourselves out there is hard. It’s also a necessity if we want to make a living doing what we love. This training will teach you the skills you need to share yourself and your work with the world in a clear, engaging, and authentic way.

Please bring a journal, pen, cell phone (for social media access), and phone/camera (for shooting pictures)

Wednesday, October 17th
YogaWorks Soho

$135 / $125 before October 10th

YogaWorks Soho

New York, NY


YogaWorks Soho

New York, NY

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