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Mindful Sleep Meditation27 Jan 2019

Sunday, January 27th

Parachute Home
129 Grand Street

Join Chrissy Carter at Parachute Home for this special event celebrating our favorite sleep meditations on 5-star app, Meditation Studio. Commit to your overall wellbeing by cultivating healthy sleep habits, and start your year off right! Chrissy will lead a guided sleep meditation and offer mindfulness, yoga, and wellness tips to promote restful sleep.

Meditation Studio is a 5-star app that Apple named as one of its top10 apps of the year. It offers over 500 inspirational meditations in collections ranging from stress, sleep and anxiety to happiness, confidence, relationships and much more. Guided meditations are led by over 40 of the top teachers in the world. There are 6 courses, including a Starter Series, Meditation Essentials, Uncovering Happiness, Changing Habits, Sleep Basics, and Mindful Work. Subscribe through the iTunes AppStore for these life-changing experiences.

Parachute Home

New York, NY


Parachute Home

New York, NY

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