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The Yoga of Business14 Feb to 18 Feb

Clarify Your Purpose. Walk Your Talk. Elevate Your Business.

The Yoga of Business is a 5-Day Intensive for Yoga Teachers and Wellness-preneurs.

Business, like yoga, is a practice. There are no quick fixes, easy buttons, or silver bullets to success. We have to show up for the work.

What I’ve learned in my almost twenty-year career is that the dharma of service is just as much about how you sustain yourself as it is about your call to serve. Now more than ever, the business of yoga is overwhelming, but here’s the truth: the yoga of business—the practice of doing our work—may be the biggest opportunity we have to walk our talk.

The Yoga of Business is for dedicated yoga teachers and wellness-preneurs who are tired of being “bad at business”. If you’re ready to embrace the work and take action to better serve your community, I would love to welcome you!


Applying yoga philosophy to the practice of business.

Clarifying your purpose and your goals.

Writing your business charter.

Learning the foundations of business structure and strategy.

Identifying your roles and responsibilities as a small business owner.

Creating a virtual studio.

Organizing, executing, and leading workshops and retreats.

Understanding and clarifying your brand.

Developing an authentic marketing mindset.

Mapping out your website.

Producing your own photo shoots.

Learning the value and strategy of content creation.

Investing in energy management strategies.

Workshop Schedule

Monday, February 14th – Friday, February 18th

Each day includes two 15-min breaks and an hour for lunch from 12-1PM EST.

100% Virtual

This virtual workshop is 100% live and on demand. Live lectures are hosted on Zoom and include interactive learning, group discussions, exercises, and small group think tanks. Recordings of live lectures will be uploaded daily to a private showcase to which you’ll have access for three months.

This course is NOT about

Marketing Funnels
Conversion + Sales Strategies
Overnight Success
One-Size-Fits-All Templates
Doing What Everyone Else Is Doing
Following Industry “Rules”

This course IS about

Clarifying Your Purpose
Aligning Your Business With Your Values
Cultivating A Business Mindset
Growing Your Community
Learning Strategies for Business Development
Being Successful As Yourself On Your Terms
Walking Your Talk

“I have attended a lot of business building workshops and courses in the past, but never have I gotten so clear on why I do what I do as I did in The Yoga of Business. As a multi-hyphenate business owner in the wellness sphere, it’s always been a challenge for me to communicate my services in a way that made sense. But within 30 minutes (literally) Chrissy helped me unwrap the answers I’ve been searching for for years. I am SO grateful for my experience in this training, as it has already helped me become more aligned with my work and excited for the way I want to show up in the world. But perhaps even more than that, this training has allowed me to become more aligned with myself. I whole-heartedly recommend The Yoga of Business to anyone in the wellness space. Come with an open heart and be ready for your understanding of your business (and your life) to be transformed.” – Laurnie Wilson

Workshop Terms

Everyone’s path looks different. This course does not guarantee success, rather invites participants to invest in the ongoing process of clarifying their purpose, taking aligned action, and showing up for their community. Because of the nature of this work, no refunds will be offered. This workshop is designed to create a respectful space for personal and professional inquiry and, as such, demands presence, kindness, and respectful engagement. Participants will be encouraged to share in group and small group discussions, the nature of which are personal and private. Anything shared over the course of this workshop is not to be shared outside of the workshop. Any behavior that is deemed unkind or disrespectful will result in dismissal from the workshop.

I look forward to welcoming you!



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