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Advanced 300-HR Teacher Training

Elevate Your TeachingSept 12th, 2023 - January 13th, 2024

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The heart of teaching is not just about what you know. The truth is: Teaching is about how you communicate your experience.

woman doing handstand in white pants and blush top against white wall

If you’re ready to dive deeper into yoga, rekindle your curiosity and passion for the practice, and elevate your teaching, this program is for you.

Gain the confidence and skills to teach smart, sophisticated, and engaging practices direct from the wellspring of your experience.

Sharpen your eye and learn how to teach with skill, precision, and heart.

woman practicing yoga wearing white pants and blush top seen behind pillar against large white wall, two windows above

This entirely virtual training is Yoga Alliance accredited and designed to prepare and empower you to TEACH and teach WELL. The program will guide you through an immersive study of asana, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, anatomy, and professional development. Sign up here for a free virtual info session!

Meet Chrissy

Chrissy Carter has been teaching yoga for 20 years. Known as a teachers’ teacher, Chrissy’s skill lies in recognizing and nurturing potential. Chrissy’s experience, clarity, and down-to-earth approach has made her a sought after mentor to yoga teachers across the country.

Chrissy’s teaching is grounded in her Iyengar practice and her love of yoga philosophy and musculoskeletal anatomy. Chrissy is a guest teacher for the yoga elective for third year doctoral physical therapy students at Columbia University, Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons, programs in Physical Therapy. Chrissy worked at YogaWorks in NYC for 16 years where she served as a senior faculty member leading over thirty 200-HR trainings.

The Advanced 300-HR Teacher Training is a reflection of Chrissy’s passion for teaching and her commitment to elevating the craft. Designed as a mentorship, Chrissy supports trainees in refining their talents and cultivating their own unique voice.

G U E S T   F A C U L T Y

Dr. Suzanne Semanson, PT, DPT, OCS, CMPT
Clinic director of the physical therapy faculty practice at Columbia University Irving Medical Center

Flynn Coleman
International Human Rights Attorney, Harvard and Yale fellow, social justice advocate, author, and public speaker.

Fran Hauser
Best-selling author, keynote speaker, angel investor, and former President of Digital for Time, Inc.

Jennifer Kurdyla
Ayurvedic practitioner, yoga teacher, plant-based cook, and author.

woman sitting on grey floor against white walls posing wearing white pants and a blush top

“Chrissy has the energy of a thousand suns and a heart as big as the Universe. You can feel her passion in every lesson, every practice, and every candid response. Her level of commitment is what ultimately reinvigorated me on my path, and I am deeply grateful. She’s a gift.”

Laurnie Wilson

This training is 100% virtual live + on demand.


Module 1 – The Art of Practice
12-Day Intensive  |  8AM – 5:30PM EST
September 12th – September 15th
September 19th – September 22nd
September 26th – September 29th

Module 2 – The Art of Teaching
8-Day Intensive  |  8AM – 5PM EST
*October 10th – October 13th
*October 17th – October 20th

Module 3 – The Anatomy of Practice
6-Day Intensive  |  8AM – 5PM EST
November 13th – November 18th

Module 4 – The Spirit of Practice
6-Day Intensive  |  8AM – 5PM EST
December 4th – December 9th

Module 5 – Professional Development + Strategy
6-Day Intensive  |  8AM – 5PM EST
*January 8th – January 13th

You must attend at least 70% of this virtual training live. Exceptions to this requirement are made on a case-by-case basis to accommodate challenging schedules and time zones.

*Important dates for live attendance:
October 10th – October 13th, 1PM – 5PM EST
October 17th – October 20th, 10AM – 5PM EST
January 13th, 8AM – 5PM EST


You must have successfully completed a RYS 200-HR teacher training and be at least 18 years of age.

$3950 / $3700 Early Bird by June 10th

Tuition includes membership to Chrissy’s online classes at H(OM)E® from September 1st, 2023 to January 30th, 2024.

Join me for a free virtual live info session! Info sessions include a tour of the program and Q&A. Attendees receive a code for one free class at H(OM)E®.


Tuesday, April 18th
7pm-7:45pm EST

Saturday, May 6th
10:15am-11am EST

Wednesday, May 31st
7:15-8pm EST


“This training was one of the best decisions and commitments I’ve ever made. Training content aside, Chrissy has created an equally effective and friendly structure to do this online that never feels like Zooming—just gathering with like-minded souls to do and share yoga.”

Janna Hockenjos


Is this a 500-hr training?

This is a 300-hr teacher training. You will become a 500-hr trained teacher upon successful completion of this program, and will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as a RYT500 teacher.

What if I’m not interested in teaching professionally? Can I take this training if I want to deepen my understanding of yoga?

Yes! The program will deepen your understanding of yoga regardless of whether or not you want to teach it professionally. You need to have successfully completed a 200-HR RYS training to participate in this Advanced 300-HR course.

Is there homework?

Yes! That said, we know you have a life! Homework and projects are assigned in between modules so as not to overload you while you’re in training. Homework and projects are assigned with suggested due dates to help keep you on track. Chrissy offers extensive feedback and guidance on your homework and is available to answer your questions.

Can I enroll in a module without registering for the entire program?

Yes! If you’d like to invest in a specific aspect of your teaching and you’re not interested in receiving a 300-hr certification (or you’re already 500-hr certified), you’re more than welcome to register for individual modules. You must have successfully completed a 200-hr Yoga Alliance program. Exceptions to this are considered on a case-by-case basis. As a student in any module, you are beholden to the policies of the training. 

“I recommend this program with my whole heart. Soooo much fabulous information, meticulously organized and thoroughly presented with the greatest of care—the deep dive I longed for.”

Jody Flader Loving

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