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Avocado Burrata Salad With Radishes

A beautiful meal doesn’t have to be a fancy meal. All you really need are fresh ingredients, creativity, and love. Making this little summer salad was all about passionate artistic expression. I had so much fun composing the ingredients on the plate—slicing the avocados and placing them just so, adding a dollop of burrata on top of a tiny bunch of frisée, sprinkling spicy radishes around the plate. I finished it with a drizzle of really good olive oil, some syrupy aged balsamic vinegar, French sea salt, and freshly ground black pepper.


Avocado Burrata Salad

It’s nothing fancy but it tastes so good because I poured myself into the process. I was deeply connected to every part of this salad’s creation, from buying the ingredients at the farmers’ market to preparing them to savoring them. This salad is a part of me and I’m a part of it—there’s no distinction between me, the process of creativity, and the end result. We are all one. That, my friends, is yoga.

Avocado Burrata Salad With Radishes

half of an avocado, thinly sliced
frisée (Oakleaf lettuce would be a great substitute)
burrata cheese
2 French radishes
olive oil + balsamic vinegar
sea salt + freshly ground black pepper

Have fun arranging the ingredients on the plate. Think of yourself as an artist composing a painting. Follow the flow of your creativity and just try your best to get out of the way! Most importantly, savor every single bite of the end result. Bon appétit!

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