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California Style

This East Coast gal has a confession to make: I’ve got a major crush on California. My heart may belong to a white clapboard saltbox home, but I could really get behind a bogevelia-covered beach bungalow. Don’t worry, I’m not moving, even if the weather is perfect and they have an unlimited supply of ripe avocados.

I’m especially smitten with California style. I love the glossy, modern lines mixed with soft textiles; the pop of graphic prints that bring a playful spirit to a serene space; the elements of nature—light wood, untamed greenery, and bright sunlight. Their decor seems to reflect their relaxed approach to life; it’s the perfect balance to my structured East Coast roots.

West Coast Style

I only had enough time to hit three home decor stores while I was in LA: Consort Design, Lawson Fenning, and Big Daddy Antiques. I loved them all for different reasons. Consort, to me, is quintessential California style. Carefully curated with a polished yet totally relaxed vibe, Consort was full of inspiration. I wanted everything in the store. Scratch that. I wanted to move into the store. Every corner was perfection; their styling is impeccable. I wanted to race home and prop my whole house.

Pretty Pillows
California chic

Lawson Fenning is a little more buttoned up. I’m not as drawn to mid-century modern design, but I really appreciated Lawson Fenning’s attention to detail found a lot of inspiration in their structured approach to decor. Their textile collection was to die for.

Lawson Fenning
Mid-Century Modern Bedroom
California pillows

Last but sure as hell not least was Big Daddy Antiques, a massive warehouse full of goodies. If I go missing, you’ll know where to find me.

Big Daddy Antiques
California decor

They had the perfect melange of classic antiques, modern pieces, and whimsical accents. I loved, loved, loved this store.

California home decor
Bowler Hats
Big Daddy Antiques California

My love affair with California style says a lot about how my own personal style is changing. I’m craving a balance of structured and relaxed—my tufted linen English roll arm loveseat paired with a bright, graphic pillow; my grandmother’s old bread bowl filled to the brim with succulents; a brass tray styled with vintage treasures. Looking at my style through a West Coast lens has inspired me to think outside my East Coast (salt)box—to explore things I never thought I was in order to better understand who it is I am. This is why I see design as a practice: it’s an opportunity to know and express myself. Turns out there’s a lot of California is this girl.


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