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In Sutra 1.28, Patanjali explains that mental stability can be gained through meditation on an experience had in a dream or deep sleep. When we dream, we are uninhibited by our conscious minds and can therefore tap into deeper states of intuition, free from doubt. We may become aware of the underlying beliefs that influence both our perceptions and actions; these realizations can liberate us from our invisible chains.

Last night I had a vivid dream about a predominant issue in my life — something that’s part of my reality but not something I think about everyday. I’ve never dreamt about it before. This issue is out of my control and when I bring it to mind, my thoughts are laced with doubt. I have learned to live with this doubt, and while I am in full acceptance of what is, I also know that my understanding of the situation is limited by my own beliefs, perceptions, and past experiences. I struggle to see beyond what my mind deems a permanent, unchangeable reality because a part of me believes that things will never change. But in my dream, there was a clear, straightforward resolution. Simple truths came to light. Frankly, it was shocking — in a good way. My dream presented me with an alternative reality, one I’m usually too skeptical to entertain, and it feels like a window had been opened in a room that’s been closed up for a while. I’m taking that feeling — that spark of possibility — into my morning meditation to see what more I can learn.

Meditation helps us to sink below the patterns of our minds and experience a deeper state of knowing. Try contemplating your dreams in meditation. Sit with the visuals and the themes that arise from sleep. You don’t need to actively unpack them — just let them unfold on their own. Listen closely to your intuition as you meditate. The more you can relax, the easier it will be for you to connect with the intended meaning of your dream. A meditation or dream journal can be a helpful way to document what comes up. I feel a sense of deep peace knowing that, deep down, I know the truth. I’m curious to see what happens as I continue to contemplate my dream, and I’m grateful as always to this practice for helping me open up to new dimensions of seeing.

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