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Dressed for Transition


Fall is coming, can you feel it? The days are getting shorter, the light is changing, and you can now find Halloween candy at your local drug store. Also, it’s still hot. Just last weekend I sought refuge from the oppressive humidity in an air-conditioned Williams Sonoma that smelled like pumpkin spice. And even though today the air feels crisp, I’m just not ready to drag all of my sweaters out from underneath my bed. As summer lingers and fall flirts, there’s really only one thing that seems clear: we’re in the throes of transition.

Transitions, even when they usher in a welcome change, can feel awkward. It seems like everything needs to shift as we attempt to harmonize with a new season. In transition, we experience groundlessness — stability is pulled out from underneath us, and, for a moment, losing our footing feels a little bit like losing ourselves. It’s a good time to take a step back and contemplate how we might transition with grace and maybe even a little style.

Here’s something to keep in mind: it’s ok to go slow.

In our search for solid ground, it’s tempting to move full speed ahead just so that we won’t have to endure the awkwardness of free falling into the unknown. Caught up in the collective panic of shifting gears from the carefree days of summer to the structured days of fall, it’s wise to remember that we don’t have to come out of the gate at 90 miles per hour. And while we can’t always control the demands of change, we can choose to move forward at a pace that aligns with our own unique rhythm. You don’t have to wear velvet boots, drink pumpkin spice lattes, or buy Halloween candy until you’re good and ready. 

Transition also applies to our closet. Whether you’re hanging onto your summer flip-flops for as long as you can or pining over the September issue of Vogue whilst crying into your iced coffee, there is a happy medium. It’s all about mixing fall elements into your staple summer pieces  — white jeans with sandals and a black blazer; a white t-shirt with wide-legged denim and a great boot; or a jean jacket over a summer dress. Rich colors, mixed textures, and layering can transition you into a new season with ease and style.

Here are three summer dresses from my wardrobe that will transition you into the early days of fall.

Fall Style
Summer Dress
Transitioning Into Fall
Cuyana Dress

Transition is the ultimate teacher because, really, life is one big transition. Shifting into a new season gives us an opportunity to practice embracing the sometimes awkward struggle to move more fully into the new now. Remember, it’s ok to ease into change. Take your time. If fall is flirting, you should flirt right back.

Photo credit: Kelsea Watkins

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