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Early Spring Flowers

I can’t think of anything nice to say about the leftover snow currently making a mess of New York except that I pray to God it’s (sl)ushering in a new season. I’m done with winter. Alas, sometimes change doesn’t happen as fast as you want it to.

This pretty arrangement is my attempt at invoking spring. I’m in love with the soft, feminine spirit of the flowers; it’s exactly how I feel on the inside, even if I can’t see it yet on the outside. I’m itching for warmer weather so I can get rid of the giant sleeping bag I call a coat. I’d give anything to greet the spring air in this army green bomber jacket from Madewell, or to strut down the snow-free sidewalk in these cute pink Loeffler Randall sandals. Most of all, I’m ready to let go of the heaviness of winter. Spring has been germinating in my heart for a while and I’m anxious to see it start blooming in my life.

feminine flowers

That’s how change works. At first we play with it as an idea, and then we begin to sense ourselves becoming it. We may not actually see the physical evidence of our growth until much later. In fact, our outside reality is a reflection of the old paradigm—our thoughts and beliefs created what it is that we see today. Amidst the awkwardness of change, we must cultivate faith in that which we feel inside.

Just looking at this arrangement brings me hope. The delicate ranunculus are so beautiful in my favorite color: blush. And there’s something so fresh about viburnum; they instantly brighten up my space. The dainty hellebores in rosy-green bring the color palette together.

This sweet little arrangement reminds me to keep believing—change is coming. Soon the snow will melt and reveal what lies beneath. The ground will be covered in a carpet of daffodils and tulips. It will be beautiful.

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