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Fall Flowers

The art of arranging flowers is, for me, all about letting go. I might have an idea of what I want the arrangement to look like, but it never ends up looking like what I had imagined. If I focus on the act, itself, and give up my attachment to the end result, my arrangement will take on a life of its own. Devote yourself and then surrender to the process — that is yoga.


That was the inspiration for this fall arrangement. I wandered over to the flower district and let my imagination run wild. Drawn to shades of pink, I bought some deep burgundy peonies, fluffy pink astilbe, white astrantia, and green helleborus. When I’m shopping for flowers, I like to gather all of my choices into one hand so I can get a sense of how they look together. I try to pick different textures and sizes so the arrangement has depth and movement. I also love something a little unexpected for a bit of whimsy.

Arranging Fall Flowers
Fall Bouquet

Working with flowers has always been a hugely cathartic practice for me. The whole process — from picking out which flowers to buy, to arranging them, to savoring them (or, better yet, giving them away) — drops me straight into the creative zone. Arranging flowers is not hard to do! Don’t be fooled by a big beautiful bouquet. All you need is a piece of floral foam, which costs about a dollar. Soak the foam in water and place it in the base of whatever container you’d like to use. Then stab it with flowers. It’s that easy!

Fall Floral Design

When I’m arranging flowers, I try to keep two things in mind. First, the proportion of flowers to container is important. You have to play with it. Be sure to keep the flower stems relatively long so that you have some wiggle room to cut them back as you experiment with the right flower to vase ratio. Second, that I have enough “filler” flower to create density. I learned this the hard way after making plenty of arrangements with some serious bald spots because I didn’t have enough flowers to work with. Choose a cheaper option (any kind of green works well) as you’ll want about twice as much filler to flowers.

Fall Flowers 2

Arranging flowers is just one of the many ways I practice yoga. When I tune into that creative force which is beyond judgement, perfectionism, and self-consciousness, I feel free. This pretty arrangement now sits on my table as a powerful reminder to surrender to the process.

Fall Flower Design
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2 Responses to Fall Flowers

  1. Dearest Chrissy, My beloved teacher trainer from 2008 – almost ten years ago! God knows what brought me to your site. I felt the deep need to go there. Well, if I”m honest, I know the reason. Sometimes when my life gets really hard, I got to your site because when my eyes land on it, I feel hopeful again. Inspired. I’m reminded that I am enough. I like your ideas on simple pleasures. My mom is hospice now, after her decade long fight of Alzheimer’s, and I needed to be uplifted tonight. Thank you for your post on how to make a flower arrangement. I think I may go to the flower district and make two arrangements: one for my mom and the other for the nurses and attendants. Thank you for putting down in ink the joys of your life, for by sharing them, they become our joys, too. I am so grateful. With love always, Rachel

    • Dear Rachel, Thank you for your sweet comment. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to know that my simple joys have uplifted you in some way. I’m sending you so much love and support as you continue to care for your mom, and I hope that making a flower arrangement for her and for yourself offers you both a moment of peace and beauty in a difficult time. Love, Chrissy

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