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Lightness of Being

Great style is a personal practice. It can articulate who we are to the world, or connect us to how we feel inside. The practice of style can also challenge our sense of self—it can demonstrate all of the ways in which we’ve changed.

Every season I like to update my wardrobe with a few new pieces that reflect my evolving style. When I shop for something new, I’m always surprised and delighted to see what speaks to me. Shopping introduces me to the person I’ve become. In fact, it’s often not until I see myself in something different—something I never would’ve thought of as “me”—that I can see how much I’ve changed.

Spring Style

This spring, I’m filled with hope—a lightness of being. It’s a welcome feeling, one that I connected with so clearly in the pieces I found for my spring wardrobe. Let’s start with the gorgeous high-waisted pants from Alice & Olivia. I love the color—blush is my favorite neutral. The cut of these pants is so insanely perfect for my body; it feels like they were made just for me! But I think what I love most about them is the juxtaposition of the tailored fit with the wide, flowy leg. It demonstrates an important principle I’m practicing in my own life: without structure, there’s no container for freedom. This principle has inspired so much of the lightness and clarity I feel.

The bright red orange color of my new top from & Other Stories is bold, and that’s exactly the call to action I feel in both my personal life and my career. It’s time to move boldly forward—to trust the ground I’ve worked so hard to weed and till and fertilize. It’s time.

& Other Stories sweater

I found a balance of sthirum (containment) and sukha (space) in this pretty grey sweater I found at & Other Stories. It’s structured but relaxed, which I love because it means I can keep it casual and wear it with jeans or I can pair it with something more formal, like a pencil skirt or a tailored pair of pants.


Lastly, I found this perfect white t-shirt on Cuyana. I love the cut—it’s loose but has a great shape. I like things I can wear every day with everything. That kind of versatility reminds me to keep it simple. I’m working really hard to implement this principle in my life. It requires me to take a hard look at what’s working and what’s not, and to strip away anything that’s not serving my highest Self.

It’s funny how these new additions to my wardrobe feel so “me” while some of the staples in my closet—pieces that once defined my style—now suddenly feel so not me. I love how the practice of style can challenge the way we see ourselves. It might sound silly, but fashion connects me to the me beyond my ideas of who I think I am. It also gives me the sweet pleasure of embodying the person I have become. I’m excited to slip into her clothes and get to know her better.

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    • LOL! I think the orange-red color is an in-store only item, so check out the & Other Stories on Broadway in Soho or in the Oculus at the World Trade Center!

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