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Linda Rodin

Linda Rodin is my long-lost soul sister. We both adore shelling, scouring flea markets for treasure, and red lipstick. I met Linda when I discovered her luxurious oil, Olio Lusso, which has been a savior to my sensitive skin. The elixir is made up of 11 essential oils and smells divine. I’m eternally devoted. I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with Linda in her eclectic and loving home for a glass of vino (screw top Pinot Grigio served in small vintage glasses) to chat about home, passion, and (of course) Olio Lusso.

Linda Rodin's home

Opening the door to her apartment, Linda greeted me wearing a St. Jame’s-inspired striped shirt and skinny jeans. Her hair was swept back, her face fresh and her lips bright. There’s an effortlessness about her, which seems fitting given that this woman was a fashion editor at Harper’s Bazaar and has been freelance styling for more than twenty years. Her home is colorful and airy and full of shiny objects (“Glitter is good!”). It’s a veritable feast for the eyes, with trinkets and photos and objets d’art. “I’d rather be home than anywhere else. I’m not necessarily a lighthearted person—I think a lot—but I think life is beautiful and I want to be surrounded by beautiful things. I want to be inspired by what I see.”

Linda Rodin's Apartment

When I asked Linda what inspires her, she immediately responded with “A fresh face!” Her visage is the perfect example—Linda never wears makeup, just red lips. I was so inspired by her look that I bought some Chanel lipstick (Rouge Coco #34) and copied her style for the ASPCA Bergh Ball. She also insists on a great pair of jeans; her favorites are UNIQLO. “Just be as natural as you can be. That’s the credo of my oils: Be the best you can be naturally.”

Linda Rodin

And that’s exactly what they do. Olio Lusso was developed on Linda’s living room floor à la chemistry class. She gave bottles to her friends at photo shoots and runway shows until the word spread and she found herself making up to 200 bottles a weekend. “I really didn’t expect this to become a business,” says Linda, but she knew she needed to make her homegrown oil official. “My nephew helped me measure my recipe, pouring each oil into vials until we were able to replicate it perfectly. It’s the same combination I’ve used since the very beginning.” Her devotion to Olio Lusso is a beautiful example of bhakti, or devotion, to her craft. Her products have become my go-to elixirs for a healthy, radiant glow.

Linda Rodin Olio Lusso
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