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Pretty In Pink

Today was such a good day.

We decided to visit the Bonnard Museum in a little town in the hills above Cannes called Le Cannet. The museum was featuring the work of Henri Manguin, a French artist who painted alongside Matisse and Cezanne. They say that all the greats came to the South of France to paint because of the amazing pink light.

Bonnard Museum

Managuan’s paintings were beautiful—the colors were rich and striking. It made me want to start painting again.

Isn’t it strange how we let go of the things that were once the center of our life? I haven’t painted in years and years, and yet it used to be something I did everyday; I would leave my oils out on the table and paint when the mood struck me. Seeing Manguin’s paintings reminded me that these things are always a part of who we are, even if we forget.

We wandered around the old town of Le Cannet. Honestly, it was one of the most charming towns I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. It was seemingly untouched by tourists—a welcomed change of pace from the hoards of tourists in Nice and Cannes.

Day in Cannet

The colors of the buildings were so beautiful.

Estelle in Cannet

We walked by a lovely restaurant with outdoor tables and Estelle and I just looked at each other and knew we had to stop.

Café in Cannet
Rosé in Cannet

Je suis très contente d’être ici. My mind isn’t drenched in the past; it’s like that heavy, wet cloak has finally been hung up to dry. I’m not anxious about the future, because how could I want to be anywhere else but here? If sharing this moment and a glass of rosé with my dearest friend in the pink glow of La Côte d’Azur isn’t yoga, then I’m not sure what is.

Town of Cannet

There was an amazing mural at Place Bellevue of the original 140 families of Le Cannet. It’s called L’Oranger du Patrimoine, or The Heritage Orange Tree. It tells the story of how the monks of Le Cannet invited these families from Val d’Oneille in Italy to come and live in Le Cannet to help plant orange trees.

Monks of Cannet

We continued to wander through vieux-Cannet. Estelle found a friend who followed us around for a while. Every tiny street was more beautiful than the next.

Vieux Cannet
Le Chat de Cannet
Cannet Town Square

We both remarked at how inspired we felt. It is so, so important to see unimaginable corners of the world where life is different from your own. When I get home, I want to continue to see life in the same pink light of Le Cannet.

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6 Responses to Pretty In Pink

  1. Thank you for sharing! France may always have a large piece of my heart… I’m with you as you meander in beauty and exhale those juicy and soft exhales that heal everything. I love you! : )

  2. I have never been to France and you have a way of making it sound Devine! I never had a burning desire to go to France, but you’re making me want to throw some clothes in a bag and hightail it out of NYC to explore the beauty you are living!

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