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Rituals On Display

There are tiny little rituals in my day that are so important and yet so mundane, I wouldn’t necessarily think to celebrate them. Putting on my jewelry, for example, brings a sense of purpose to my day. The way my favorite hand cream smells grounds me in the comfort of a familiar scent but also lifts my spirits. These seemingly unimportant moments in my day are actually quite meaningful; they string together and create meaning.

One of the ways I honor these rituals is through the art of display. Trays and catchalls create order but also set something apart from the rest. The antique ironstone platter I bought at the Porte de Vanves flea market in Paris is the perfect resting spot for my Aēsop hand cream. If the tray starts to fill up with clutter, I definitely notice the effect it has on my mind—I, too, start to feel more cluttered.

When we display the things we love with thoughtful attention, we transform ordinary moments into meaningful rituals. Make a list of the things you do everyday. Take stock of your most treasured objects and look for ways to create a designated space in your home for the things you love. I collect vintage trays on my travels because they bring even more meaning to the scene. But I also love the simplicity of clean, modern trays, like this one.

What matter is that you invite an opportunity to be more mindful. That moment when I massage cream into my hands, I pause—I’m with what it is I’m doing. Maybe I close my eyes, hold my hands up to my face, and take a deep breath. These are the little moments in life that make a life. Savor them.

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