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Schedule2022 Advanced 300-hr Teacher Training

  • Module 1: The Art of Practice

    300-hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training — virtual

    August 8th to August 20th

  • Module 2: The Art of Teaching

    300-hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training — virtual

    September 12th to September 22nd

  • Module 3: The Anatomy of Practice

    300-hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training — virtual

    October 17th to October 22nd

  • Module 4: The Spirit of Practice

    300-hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training — virtual

    November 14th to November 19th

  • Module 5: Professional Development and Strategy

    300-hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training — virtual

    December 5th to December 10th




Refine Your Skills. Find Your Voice. Elevate Your Teaching.


The heart of teaching is not just about what you know, but also how you communicate what you know. The truth is: You could know all the things and not actually teach anyone anything. Translating your knowledge and experience into clear, relevant, and honest teaching is a skill that requires dedication and practice.

This entirely virtual training is approved by Yoga Alliance and designed to prepare and empower you to TEACH and teach well. The program will guide you through an immersive study of asana, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, anatomy, and professional development and strategy. You will be encouraged to integrate and articulate the practice in your own unique way. This is more than a training—it’s a mentorship. I’m here for you. My skill as a teacher lies in my ability to identify potential and to help teachers find their authentic voice. My goal is to support you in being successful as you.


– Dive deep into asana mechanics and dynamic alignment.

– Sharpen your observation skills, learn how to navigate posture assessment, and develop the sensitivity and confidence to communicate responsive feedback.

– Deliver clear, relevant, and intelligent instructions.

– Find your voice and point of view. Understand how to translate your experience into clear, honest teaching.

– Cultivate a genuine pranayama and meditation practice, and learn how to guide others through their own experience.

– Design insightful and intelligent sequences around an integrated theme.

– Explore the study of musculoskeletal anatomy and learn tools and strategies for applying your studies to asana and injury management.

– Develop a personal relationship with The Yoga Sutras and The Bhagavad Gita, and learn how to teach philosophy from an authentic place.

– Commit to the larger practice of yoga through a dedicated exploration of social justice and community service.

– Invest in your professional development and career. Learn best teaching practices, content and curriculum development, business strategy and mindset, branding, and marketing.


The program is divided into five intensive modules. The entire program is just five months long—one module per month—with space in between to process the material and live your life! There will be an opportunity to connect with me live during four 1-hr mentor meetings scheduled in between modules.

100% of the training will be offered live with access to recordings on demand. You are required to participate in at least 70% of the live training. Exceptions to the live attendance requirement will be made on a case-by-case basis to accommodate time zones and challenging schedules. 

*Required live attendance noted below.

The Art of Practice
12-Day Intensive | 8AM – 5:30PM EST
Week 1: Monday, August 8th – Saturday, August 13th
Week 2: Monday, August 15th – Saturday, August 20th

The Art of Teaching
8-Day Intensive | 8AM – 5PM EST
*Week 1: Monday, September 12th – Thursday, September 15th
(*Required live attendance: 1PM-5PM EST)
*Week 2: Monday, September 19th – Thursday, September 22nd
(*Required live attendance: 10AM-5PM EST)

The Anatomy of Practice
6-Day Intensive | 8AM – 5PM EST
Monday, October 17th – Saturday, October 22nd

The Spirit of Practice
6-Day Intensive | 8AM – 5PM EST
Monday, November 14th – Saturday, November 19th

Professional Development and Strategy
6-Day Intensive | 8AM – 5PM EST
Monday, December 5th – *Saturday, December 10th
(*Required live attendance on Saturday 12/10)


collage of three women with square that has writing "Advanced 300hr Teacher Training Guest Teachers"

Dr. Suzanne Semanson
Anatomy of Practice Module: Postural Assessment + Injury Management

Flynn Coleman
Author and Human Rights Attorney
Spirit of Practice Module: Social Justice + Skillful Action

Fran Hauser
Author, Speaker, Investor
Professional Development + Strategy Module: Cultivating, Nurturing, and Activating Your Network


You must have successfully completed a Yoga Alliance 200hr Teacher Training and be at least 18 years of age.


Successful completion of the Advanced 300hr Yoga Teacher Training requires participation in all training hours, submission of all homework assignments, and completion of three training projects. 

You are also required to pass a Teaching Assessment. The Teaching Assessment consists of teaching a live virtual 60-minute class to students of your choice. You will record your class, observe the playback, and fill out a Teaching Evaluation Form on your teaching. You’ll meet with me to review the recording of your class and to discuss your Teaching Evaluation Form. I will evaluate your teaching using the same Teaching Evaluation Form you completed for yourself.



$3700 Early Bird by May 23rd

Payment plans and some limited financial assistance will be made on a case-by-case basis. If you’re interested in discussing financial assistance, please reach out to me.


Is this a 500-hr training?
This is a 300-hr teacher training. You will become a 500-hr trained teacher upon successful completion of this program, and will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as a RYT500 teacher.

What if I’m not interested in teaching professionally? Can I take this training if I want to deepen my understanding of yoga?
Yes! You do not need to know what you’re going to do with your training. What matters most is a genuine passion for yoga and a sincere dedication to learning. The program will deepen your understanding of yoga regardless of whether or not you want to teach it professionally.

Is there homework?
Yes. Homework and projects are assigned in between modules (with the exception of Professional Development and Strategy) so as not to overload you while you’re in training. Homework and projects are assigned with suggested due dates to help keep you on track. Assignments that are turned in by the suggested due date will receive feedback and guidance, so it’s in your best interests to keep up with your work.

Can I enroll in a module without registering for the entire program?
Yes! If you’d like to invest in a specific aspect of your teaching and you’re not interested in receiving a 300-hr certification (or you’re already 500-hr certified), you’re more than welcome to register for individual modules. You must have successfully completed a 200-hr Yoga Alliance program. Exceptions to this are considered on a case-by-case basis. As a student in any module, you are beholden to the policies of the training. Please email me to sign up for a single module.

The Art of Practice  |  100-hr Module  |  $1350

The Art of Teaching  |  60-hr Module  |  $950

The Anatomy of Practice  |  50-hr Module  |  $850

The Spirit of Practice  |  50-hr Module  |  $850

Professional Development and Strategy |  50-hr Module  |  $850


Connect with me and learn more about the training in a free virtual live information session! The info session will include a 1-hour practice at H(OM)E® followed by a 1-hour presentation and Q&A.


Saturday, April 9th
9-10AM EST: Class
10-11AM EST
: Info Session

Wednesday, May 18th
: Class
: Info Session

Wednesday, June 22nd
: Class
: Info Session

Email me to sign up for an Info Session!


Please email me to request an application.

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