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Spring Kitchen

I’m back in the kitchen! Just kidding, I never really left, but I’m feeling more inspired. Winter soups and stews are fun until they’re not. Spring is pulling my head out of the oven and into some fun new recipes (which also require use of the oven but somehow that’s okay).

All of this is making me crave a bit of a kitchen refresh. I want some new things to go with my newfound enthusiasm!

I’m especially smitten with the spongeware pieces because they remind me of my grandmother who had a collection of blue spongeware in her farmhouse kitchen.

Also, I have been looking for a cute oven mitt forever and this one is perfect!

I love the marble spoon rests. I’m always just leaving my wooden spoons all over the kitchen counter and then cursing myself later when I have to clean up my mess. Although cleaning would definitely be more fun with this brush (which would look cute by the sink in this marble soap dish.

So many great pieces for al fresco dining, including these jute placemats and seagrass glassware.

I hope this little collection of treasures inspires a new way of seeing your kitchen and maybe even the joy of cooking!

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