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Summer Home

There’s something about the summertime that begs us to settle in, spread out, and relax. The spring and fall, by nature, encourage us to move through change; we’re prompted to explore and transform within the context of transition. Winter is the time to hibernate, so while we might be nestled in our homes, the focus is on retreating inward to conserve enough energy to burst open come spring. The beauty of summer is that all has already been achieved—the seeds we’ve planted and tended are now ripening before our eyes. Our job is simply to enjoy the fruits of our efforts. For me, summer is the perfect time to practice the art of being.

Summertime style captures that practice beautifully. I love the easy breezy feel of rustic fabrics, beach-inspired decor, and the smell of open space. Here are a few summer design ideas, from my home to yours!

Sea fan
Tomato Candle

Every time I visit the Hamptons I’m inspired to bring the ocean indoors. There’s a shell shop in Sag Harbor where I’ve done a lot of damage over the years, the evidence of which is scattered around my apartment. I have coral tucked in unexpected places, like this gorgeous piece hidden amongst bottles of wine and long-stemmed glasses; it’s like a little reef in my armoire.

Block Print Pillow

Linen is soft, breathable, and casual, which makes it perfect for summer living. I especially love block-printed fabric, like this pillow I bought at West Elm last year (they always carry great pillows at a great price point). John Robshaw has beautiful sheets, pillows, and accessories inspired by Indian block-printing.

Hurricane Candle

Glass hurricanes are a beautiful way to add warmth and ambiance to your home. They are such a versatile accessory: indoors or out, rustic or chic, inexpensive or over-the-top, there are so many choices to fit your style and your budget. I love this one from Crate and Barrel.

Our homes can capture the essence of summer by focusing on how the season makes us feel. Every fabric, color, and embellishment should tell some story about your life and what it means to you. Forget the rules and concentrate on how your living space makes you feel; a smile and a healthy exhalation are always a good sign that you’re at h(om)e.

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