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Summer Mood Board

I’ve had a few opportunities this summer to get away. It has been so good to rest. I love my work and I love motherhood, but it’s not easy doing both (said every working mother everywhere). There isn’t a lot of time in my day for anything that isn’t essential to taking care of Chloé, managing our household, or running my business. It’s a challenge I’m GRATEFUL to have, but doing it all is hard. No, it’s impossible.

What I’ve appreciated most about getting away has been the break from doing. Just letting the day unfold without needing my efforts to deliver a specific result has given me some much-needed perspective. Here’s what I’m figuring out: Prioritizing what I do based on whether or not it will “move the needle” is not a recipe for joy. And while I’m not going to diminish the very real need to do, I will say that in all the doing it’s easy to lose sight of what I’m doing it all for.

Getting away has served as a reminder of how important it is to make space for nothingness in everyday life. I’m not talking about yoga or meditation or journaling, although certainly these practices are invaluable. I’m talking about staring into space. I’m talking about sitting with a cup of coffee and watching the steam evaporate into the air. Gazing out the window until your eyes get blurry, taking a walk, or making something beautiful for the sake of making something beautiful. I’m talking about agenda-free time.

summer mood board 2019

That’s the spirit I wanted to capture in my mood board. The images of women—alone—inspire me to exhale. The cup of coffee, the refreshing cocktail, and the artwork are all simple pleasures that invite me to kick back, unwind, and enjoy. And, of course, nature embodies space and represents the best of summer.

Life can feel too busy to carve out time for nothing. I get it—we don’t have time to *waste* a single second on anything that doesn’t support progress, or the humble act of putting one foot in front of the other. But I think we forget that nothing is something. Sometimes, it’s everything. My hope for us this summer is that we make space for agenda-free time and play with zoning out so that we can zone back in with clarity and purpose.


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