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The Art of Display



One of the things I love most about browsing my favorite stores is to see how they reinvent their space. As a frequent visitor, I may be familiar with their merchandise, but I’m always amazed at how the art of display can make me see things in a whole new way. Products I thought I new are showcased in a new light, and suddenly everything in the store feels fresh and unexpected.

I’ve been “propping” (as it’s called in the design world) my space for years. It’s a creative way to express what’s important in your life. Choosing specific objects in your home and arranging them in a deliberate way is an opportunity to tell your story.

The art of display allows me to visually represent whatever intention I’ve set in my life. My hand-picked objects communicate my chosen focus.

The Art of Display

I don’t always have time to cook. I’ve learned to hand the reigns over to Billy because it gives me an opportunity to rest, but also the chance to receive. But I like to remind myself of how important cooking is to me, so I created this display—a simple stack of my favorite cookbooks topped with a bowl of oranges—to spark my creative juices. The ironstone bowl was a gift from my mother, the person who inspired my love of cooking. The oranges add color and an element of life to the story.


The alter piled high with my trusted books and a small statue of Lakshmi focuses my energy on my studies. I feel calm when I see my meditation beads on the antique tray I bought in India. The sari adds color and texture to my table.

Play with height, texture, proportions, and mood. You will know when it looks right; there’s no right or wrong. The art of display allows you to highlight elements of your home, inviting you to see your world through a different lens.

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