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2019 Gift Guide

It’s that time of year, friends! Holiday shopping is upon us and I’m excited to share my 2019 Gift Guide with you! This year’s list is full of things I would love to give. Not gonna lie: I might buy a few of these goodies for myself! If only I could find that fleece bunting in my size.

Per usual, versatility is the theme—gifts that work for both the men and women in your life. I think you’ll find the style of each gift mixes well with multiple aesthetics.


2019 Gift Guide!

1 / Parachute Home Cloud Cotton Robe in Amber

If you don’t already know, I’m obsessed with Parachute Home. I’ve been leading events at their Soho store all year—everything from wine and cheese tasting, to meditation and yoga, to summer herb cocktails. The store is pretty much my home away from home, and the team is like family. When I saw this amber bathrobe I think I fell on the floor. It’s so beautiful. The COLOR! And it’s so comfy.

2 / Brass Cup

Raise your hand if you own a brass cup. Exactly. Perfect gift. It’s so pretty and versatile. Done.

3 / Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash

Also obsessed with Aesop. Their products are heaven. This hand soap is a staple in my home.

4 / Vitruvi Essential Oil Diffuser

This diffuser has been on my wishlist for years and I think it would make the loveliest gift. The design is simple and clean, and it will make your home smell divine.

5 / Brass Rectangle Tray

What a beautiful way to gather and display beloved objects.

6 / Shearling Mock’s Clog

Because, obviously.

7 / Leather Valley Tray

Great for anything and anyone. This would be a great catchall.

8 / Leather Jewelry Case

I’ve loved Cuyana since the beginning. Their philosophy “fewer, better things” is my life’s motto. This jewelry case is perfect for travel and special enough for everyday use.

9 / Ceramic Match Striker

It’s hard to buy candles for other people because what smells good to you may not smell good to someone else. But a match striker? Now that’s a great gift anyone would love.

10 / Diptyque Feu De Bois

I just told you not to give people candles. Except for this one. You can buy this one. They will like it. It smells like a wood burning fire in a Parisian apartment.

11 / Glass Dome and Marble Plate

This is one of those things that not everyone has but everyone could use—for cookies, cakes, cheese, you name it. It’s simple and beautiful.

12 / Laguiole Cheese Utensils

If you need a house warming gift, look no further than cheese utensils. This will take their cheese plate to the next level.

13 / Atlas 180 Pasta Machine

Making pasta is therapeutic, so catalog this gift under wellness. Another one of those things people don’t think to buy for themselves. Many happy memories will be made with this machine.

14 / Marble Bowl

It’s just so pretty. Works with all aesthetics. Perfect as a small tray or candle(s) holder.

15 / Andress Jardin Dish Kit

Saw this and loved it. Kinda of a cheeky housewarming gift. It would make doing dishes beautiful.

16 / Mortar and Pestle

Ok, listen up: This is a GREAT GIFT. It should be in every kitchen. Be the person who gives someone a mortar and pestle.

17 / Oak Cutting Board

This cutting board is so unique. I love the shape. Great for everyday use and pretty enough to use as a cheese board.

18 / Nothing Fancy Cookbook

I have a crush on Allison Roman. There, I said it. Love her cooking philosophy and her writing. This book will be well used!

19 / Baby Fleece Bunting

If only this came in my size.

20 / Guardian Angel Mouse in Suitcase

This is adorable. I love that the mouse has her own little suitcase. My guess is that the suitcase will be a bigger hit than the mouse.

21 / Atlas Brass Pepper Mill

For the cook who has everything, this is a seriously beautiful pepper mill.

22 / Bose Audio Sunglasses

Billy has these and he loves them. Bluetooth technology with a built-in microphone means he can answer my calls on his sunglasses.

23 / Baby Barn Play Set

I’m all about simple toys that spark imagination. This one’s perfect.

24 / UltraBoost 19 Running Shoe

Okay, maybe this is a strange gift suggestion, but let me tell you what—I have three pair and I’m OBSESSED. They’re the most comfortable sneaker I’ve ever owned, and everyone who I’ve convinced to buy a pair agrees with me.

25 / Fuzzy Crew Sweater

A classic men’s sweater makes the perfect gift for a man or a woman. Trust me, I buy lots of sweaters for *Billy* that I wear more than he does. This one’s just right.

26 / Leather Laptop Sleeve 15-inch

Another beautiful leather piece by Cuyana. They have a great technology selection on their site. The colors are great. I especially love this black leather laptop sleeve.

Happy giving, everyone!

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