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Align With Your Why

When we think about what we really want, we don’t always consider what we’re willing to endure to make it happen. In fact, the seemingly insurmountable challenges that inevitably arise along the way force us to prove our commitment to the path. Life likes to test our resolve. If the why behind our efforts is not compelling enough, we might not find the strength to see it through.

Yoga, for me, is so much about the process of alignment—the alignment of my body, yes, but really the practice of aligning myself with my purpose. Yoga helps me clarify my intention and chart my course. When I feel lost or overwhelmed or stuck, I know that my work is to own the why behind my actions.

Choose to prioritize the practices that quiet the noise so that you can hear the voice inside that’s speaking your truth. Get to the heart of your why. Know that when you’re aligned with your intention, you can move mountains.

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