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Happy Spring

Can you believe it’s finally here?! It sure as hell doesn’t feel like spring, but I’m trying to practice patience (what choice do I have?!) and faith by cultivating the spirit of spring in my everyday life. After such a long winter, it’s time to look at familiar patterns and rituals with fresh eyes. The changing seasons remind us that transition is not only a part of life, but that it can inspire a new way of looking at ourselves.

I’m craving light, color, and beauty in my everyday life. My yoga practice is starting to feel more playful, which is a welcome change from the deep, slow, quiet energy of winter. I’m doing a lot of jumping and backbending, and have shifted away from long timings in favor of movement. I’m eager to swap out my winter clothes for a fresh, spring wardrobe; stripes, colorful prints and bold patterns actually make me feel bold and colorful! I’m looking forward to shifting my everyday menus from rich, heavy food to a lighter palette. I want to feel vibrant and full of possibility.

Many of these shifts happen instinctively without conscious thought, but when we bring mindful attention to change, it helps us translate our everyday practice into a spiritual practice—a h(om)e practice. How do you harness the energy of spring to create positive change in your life? What new spin do you put on familiar rituals? How do you apply the lessons of change to the deeper currents of your life?

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