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Holiday Gift Guide

I’m so excited to share my annual holiday gift guide with you! It’s always so much fun pulling together my favorite things.

If you know me, you know I’m a big fan of style and function—I love objets that enhance daily life, but that also contribute to the overall decor of my home.

I think you’ll find something for everyone on your list!

holiday gift guide 2018

1 / Round Cocotte  2 / Caravan Bakset  3 / Brass Candle Wick Trimmer  4 / Cook Beautiful  5 / Milk Bottle Match Striker  6 / Canvas Notebook  7 / Kids’ Paris Block Set  8 / Gold Plant Mister  9 / Slim Leather Passport Case  10 / Dining In  11 / Purify Room Spray  12 / Merino Travel Kit  13 / Metal Beverage Serving Set  14 / The Myth of the Nice Girl  15 / Palo Santo Bundle  16 / Coloring Poster of Paris  17 / Global Giving Gift Card  18 / Meditation Studio App  19 / Olivewood Corkscrew  20 / Side Zip Leather Gloves


brown leather bag and gray merino wool travel kit by parachute home
travel kit with blanket and eye mask

1 / Round Cocotte

Everyone needs a workhorse in the kitchen, and this Staub x goop pot is just the thing. It will be used and enjoyed for years to come. Bonus: It’s pretty to look at.

2 / Caravan Basket

Baskets make for an amazing gift because they’re versatile and work with almost any decor. Fill it with flowers and bring it to a holiday party for the perfect hostess gift.

3 / Brass Candle Wick Trimmer

Who has a brass candle wick trimmer? Exactly.

4 / Cook Beautiful

This book is, well, beautiful. I really appreciate Athena’s approach, and I know her book will inspire the passionate cook on your list.

5 / Milk Bottle Match Striker

This milk bottle match striker makes lighting a candle easy (on the eyes).

6 / Canvas Notebook

I’m a sucker for a good notebook. This one’s real pretty. It would look great displayed on a coffee table. Functional and decorative. #win

7 / Kids’ Paris Block Set

Obviously I had to include some kid-friendly options in this year’s gift guide! This Paris block set is such a cute toy, but could also add magic to a book shelf when playtime is over.

8 / Gold Plant Mister

For the green thumbs on your list, this gold plant mister is perfection.

9 / Slim Leather Passport Case

A passport case is one of those things you might not buy yourself, but would make a gorgeous gift. They come in beautiful colors, but I love the red (makes a statement, plus it’s easy to find in your bag)!

10 / Dining In

Alison Roman is the bomb and her cookbook is the bomb dot com. Every recipe is better than the next. Expect this book to stay out on the counter and get dirty.

11 / Purify Room Spray

Veyali makes amazing wearable and livable scents. This room spray is a blend of sacred woods designed to energetically cleanse, restore balance, and calm the mind.

12 / Merino Travel Kit

The Merino Travel Kit from Parachute is heaven in a bag. Travel just got a whole lot more luxurious! Also perfect for everyday relaxation.

13 /  Metal Beverage Serving Set

What a fun serving set! And stylish. And perfect for inspiring new rituals.

14 / The Myth of the Nice Girl

I’m not just saying this because Fran Hauser happens to be one of my dearest friends, but her book is the book I recommend to women in business. Scratch that. ANYONE in business. Fran is proof that you can be powerful and kind.

15 / Palo Santo Bundle

Because everyone needs a little good energy these days.

16 / Coloring Poster of Paris

I love this gift because it’s great for kids and grownups! Coloring is a relaxing ritual that sparks creativity and calms the mind.

17 / Global Giving Gift Card

I include the Global Giving gift card in my guide every year because there’s nothing better than the gift of giving. Perfect stocking stuffers, or a thoughtful gift for co-workers.

18 / Meditation Studio App

Meditation Studio App makes meditation accessible by offering many different topics, styles, and teachers. You can tap into how you’re feeling and find a meditation that meets your needs.

19 / Olivewood Corkscrew

Perfect hostess/host gift. You just know it will be well used and loved.

20 / Side Zip Leather Gloves

Warm someone’s hands in style. These beautiful gloves are classic and modern.

office still life featuring phone with meditation studio app

Happy giving, my friends!

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