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Spring Quinoa Bowl

I’m a big fan of quinoa bowls because I can basically throw in whatever I have laying around my kitchen. It’s my idea of fast food—there’s no cooking, just a pre-made batch of quinoa, a bit of chopping, and a drizzle of this and that. Et voilà. This is what I eat for lunch most days, and it hits the spot every single time.

My quinoa bowl game has elevated to next level deliciousness thanks to my current obsession with labneh. I want to put it on everything! To me, it’s way more satisfying than yogurt—it has a richness that reminds me more of crème fraîche. Sprinkle a little dill and a few squeezes of lemon and it’s a party in my mouth. I literally can’t get enough.

Make this salade composée today! First I reheat the quinoa and then I add my veggies. The recent lineup gives me hope that spring is around the corner: avocado, red onion, yellow cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and radishes. I’ve been adding a hard boiled egg for more protein, although if I wasn’t pregnant I would definitely make it a poached egg for sure! Olive oil, lemon juice, crunchy sea salt, red pepper flakes, and dill finish it off.

Quinoa Bowl

It’s just too good not to try. I know it will become a staple on your spring menu!


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