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This summer marks the start of a new season in my life. We’re moving to Connecticut! I’m sl-o-o-o-wly starting to wrap my head around this change. I’ve wanted this for so long and now that it’s here, my head and heart are spinning. Change is hard—have you heard? I’m feeling all the feelings. I’m sad to leave, and a little scared.

Fear is a companion of growth. I’m trying to dig beneath my fear and see it for what it is—a sign that I’m stepping into change and out of the comfort of what I know. My friend Shoshanna said that this move is going to expand my life—and it’s naturally going to stretch me to meet the expansion. She’s right, and I’m ready. It’s time.

Right now I’m in the panic stage of packing where you think you’ve done so much and then you realize there’s so much more to do. Moving, I’m reminded (again, by my friend Shoshanna—thank you, Shoshanna) is one of life’s top three hardest experiences: death, divorce, and yep, moving! In a way, all three tie into the idea of abhinivesha, or clinging to impermanence. It seems that life’s biggest hard is about letting go.

For me, this move represents an important step towards a more spacious life. I’ve been connected to the city for over twenty years and my heart is craving something bigger. I get the irony—what could be bigger than New York City? It’s true, but I’m excited for the freedom to expand in ways that feel meaningful to me—to enjoy more time with my family, more energetic space to grow my business, and more bandwidth to focus on myself. And then, of course, there’s space to be in nature, which I find so deeply nourishing and life affirming.

I’m excited for my family and for the new adventures we’ll have together. As I prepare to say goodbye to our beloved home, our dear friends (until we visit each other!), and our amazing neighborhood, I’m trying to remember that endings are also new beginnings. This brings me comfort and reminds me to trust in the path forward. Onward, my friends. To new beginnings.

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